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Instructions for Students Using H-ITT SoftClick?

What are "clickers"?

The term clickers refers to a hand held device that is similar to a TV remote control. A clicker is used in a classroom setting to send your response to the instructor's question or to obtain a student consensus poll. Similar to the game show "Who wants to be a millionaire?".

How do clickers work?

Clickers are infrared devices that send infrared signals to receivers mounted in various locations throughout a classroom. The infrared signal sent by a clicker is unique to that clicker and the software interprets that signal (response) as belonging to that clicker. Thus, the response from a clicker is recorded, stored and used by the instructor in various ways to enhance interactivity in the classroom.

Where do I get a clicker?

Clickers are available for purchase from CompUCR located in the basement of the Campus bookstore. The cost of the clickers will depend on whether you purchase a used or a new one. There are usually a limited number of used clickers available (first-come first-served). Save you receipt as you can return well maintained and functioning clickers to the Campus bookstore and receive approximately half the initial cost. It is also possible to obtain clickers from a previous user (see below). The Campus bookstore only sells the 13-button model.

What is the difference between the two types of clickers available?

There are two types of clickers in circulation, an older six-button and a newer 13-button model. Both clicker models will function in the classroom except that the six-button model being a one-way unit will not receive a signal back from the receiver indicating that your response has been received. You will have to be dependent on locating your number on the projected acquisition grid. The 13-button model (two-way) will indicate via the red LED turning green that your response has been received as well as on the acquisition grid.

How do I register my clicker for use in the classroom?

If required by the instructor, clickers need to be registered each quarter at this site ( by logging in with your email user name and password. This registration process needs to occur every quarter as the registration database is cleaned at the end of a quarter to allow circulating clickers to be registered to a possible new user. This registration process is required even if you are still the original user.

What do I do if my clicker does not seem to work?

Check your clicker by making sure you obtain a red LED light when you click any button. IF you do not get a response, replace the battery with a fresh 9-volt battery. If you still do not get a response and if you still have your receipt which indicates that the purchase is within a 90 day period you can return the unit to CompUCR for a replacement. This replacement policy only applies to new models (13-button) and is subject to change by the Campus bookstore. It is always important to save your receipt. N.B.: The older 6-button models use AAA batteries.

How long does a battery last?

The 9-volt battery is more than sufficient for a single quarters use. Units have been used for more than a year. To be on the safe side it is recommended that you replace the battery at the start of a quarter with a new battery N.B.: The older 6-button models use AAA batteries.

Can a single clicker be shared between two students?

At the present time this is not possible. The registration process for a particular quarter limits the use of a clicker to a single student. REMEMBER: each clicker is unique and identifies the student owner.

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